Limaland Motorsports Park

Koz, Anderson, and Kemenah pick up invitational fe...
26th Annual Season Championship Night - Presented...
Klay, Nusbaum, and Griffith each pick up their sec...
Koz, Anderson, and Kemenah pick up invitational fe...

Koz, Anderson, and Kemenah pick up invitational fe...

8/4/2023 -
Limaland Motorsports Park swung open the gates for the final time in 2023 on Friday night as K&L Ready Mix presented the 2023 Awards Celebration, feat
26th Annual Season Championship Night - Presented...

26th Annual Season Championship Night - Presented...

7/28/2023 -
LIMA, OH – Todd Sherman (Modifieds) and Tony Anderson (Thunderstocks) nursed slim point leads leading into the 26th Annual Season Championship Night p
Klay, Nusbaum, and Griffith each pick up their sec...

Klay, Nusbaum, and Griffith each pick up their sec...

7/14/2023 -
Limaland Motorsports Park roared back to action after a scheduled week off with Meet The Drivers Night presented by Stolly Insurance Group. A great cr
Anderson, Gaines, and Learman top Family Fun Night at Limaland


Limaland Motorsports Park

Anderson, Gaines, and Learman top Family Fun Night at Limaland

June 2, 2017
Lima OH

Blue skies and sunshine greeted a great crowd at Limaland Motorsports Park for Family Fun Night presented by St. Rita's Health Partners. Clayton Gaines of Alexandria Indiana would top the UAW Mel Kenyon Midget Series A Main, with Tony Anderson winning the Bud Thunderstock feature, and Mike Learman picking up the K&N Filters UMP Modified A Main.

In addition, the North Coast Vintage were on hand with some great looking race cars of yesteryear and put on a spirited exhibition for the crowd.

Starting the night was a beautiful rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner", performed by St. Rita's Health Partners very own Jody Wade. Racing action kicked off with the Mc Donalds Dash for Cash featuring the Bud Thunderstocks. No. 11D Bob Daugherty would pick up the $100 to win dash, courtesy of Lewis Family McDonalds.

In feature action, the Bud Thunderstocks would be first with their 15-lap feature. No. 26 Justin Long and No. 22T Tony Anderson would lead the field to green with Long briefly grabbing the lead before Anderson would muscle by on the inside to grab the point. Caution would wave on lap 5 for debris in turn 4, and No T18 Thomas Foust Jr. coming to a stop in turn 1. On the restart, Anderson would continue to lead with Long in tow. Caution would wave for a 4-car pileup in turn 2 on lap 6, and once again on lap 14, setting up a 1 lap dash to the finish. Anderson would hold on for the win over Long, win No. 82 "Big Daddy" Chris Douglas coming home 3rd, No 7c Jordan Conover was 4th and No. 89 Keith Shockency completing the top 5.

Next up were the UAW Mel Kenyon Midgets for their 20 lap A Main. No. 84 Ryan Huggler and No. 26 Clayton Gaines would lead the field to green with Huggler grabbing the early lead. The red flag would wave for No. 23 Kyle O'Gara, as he would spin and tip over on his side exiting turn 2 on lap 2. On the restart, Huggler and Gaines would batle for the lead for the next several laps. No. 9 Chase Jones would fight his way to the 2nd spot and challenge for the lead over the last 5 laps, but there was no stopping Gaines, as he would win over a hard charging Dameron Taylor in the No 8 midget. Jones would be 3rd, with No 12 Kent Kriegbaum 4th and Ryan Huggler completing the top 5.

Completing the night were the K&N Filters UMP Modified in their 20-lap feature. No 4L Mike Learman and No, 17T Mikey Tarlton would bring the field to green with Tartlong taking the early race lead. No. 162 Logan Moody would grab the 2nd spot on lap 2 and dog Tarlton for the 1st 10 laps, as Learman would see an opportunity to thread the needle between the 2 leaders to grab the point. Caution would wave on the speedway for the UNOH No 1 car of Blake Spalding for a spin in turns 3 and 4. On the restart, Moody would jump, and would be docked 2 spots at the end of the race. Learman would win over No 22T Tony Anderson, with No. 65 Todd Sherman third, No. 19B Brandon Ordway fourth and Moody scored fifth after being docked for the jump on the restart.

Limaland Motorsports Park roars back to life next Friday June 9th for the 16th Annual Keysor Memorial presented by the Stolly insurance Group. $1000 awaits the winner of the 16th Annual Bud Thunderstock feature honoring 1990 Limaland Stock Car Champion Bobby Keysor, and multiple time Limaland feature winner Bill Keysor. In addition to the Thunderstocks, the B.O.S.S. Non-Wing Sprints will be in action as well as the K&N Filters UMP Modifieds. Details on this all of the great events at Limaland Motorsports Park can be found at

Limaland Motorsports Park - 6/2/2017
St Rita's Health Partners Night

Bud Thunderstocks
Heat 1 - (8 Laps - Top 8 Transfer)

  1. 22T-Tony Anderson; 2. 11D-Bob Daughtery; 3. 89-Keith Shockency; 4. 1-Jacob Mcconnell; 5. T18-Thomas Foust Jr.; 6. 99-Andy King; 7. 1W-Mark Wooten; 8. OO-Scott Fritz

Heat 2 - (8 Laps - Top 8 Transfer)

  1. 26-Justin Long; 2. 17J-Jarrod Klay; 3. 87-Andy Welch; 4. 463-Daniel Sanchez; 5. 11-Brendan Rassel; 6. 23-Casey Barr; 7. 17-Jeremy Creech

Heat 3 - (8 Laps - Top 8 Transfer)

  1. 7C-Jordan Conover; 2. 27-Frank Paladino; 3. 82-Chris Douglas; 4. 7W-Dan Wooten; 5. 2-James Gokee; 6. 27S-Cody Sanders; 7. J42P-John Williams

A-Main - (15 Laps) [#]-Starting Position

  1. 22T-Tony Anderson[2]; 2. 26-Justin Long[1]; 3. 82-Chris Douglas[9]; 4. 7C-Jordan Conover[3]; 5. 89-Keith Shockency[7]; 6. 463-Daniel Sanchez[11]; 7. 7W-Dan Wooten[12]; 8. 27-Frank Paladino[6]; 9. 2-James Gokee[15]; 10. 23-Casey Barr[17]; 11. 87-Andy Welch[8]; 12. 17-Jeremy Creech[20]; 13. 11-Brendan Rassel[14]; 14. 11D-Bob Daughtery[4]; 15. 27S-Cody Sanders[18]; 16. 17J-Jarrod Klay[5]; 17. 1W-Mark Wooten[19]; 18. J42P-John Williams[21]; 19. T18-Thomas Foust Jr.[13]; 20. OO-Scott Fritz[22]; 21. 1-Jacob Mcconnell[10]

UAW Mel Kenyon USSA Midgets
Heat 1 - (8 Laps - Top 6 Transfer)

  1. 12-Kent Kriegbaum; 2. 23-Kyle O'Gara; 3. 84-Ryan Huggler; 4. 60-Trey Osborne; 5. 57-Nathan Foster; 6. 18-Todd Heuerman

Heat 2 - (8 Laps - Top 6 Transfer)

  1. 9-Chase Jones; 2. 98-Tommy Kouns; 3. 26-Clayton Gaines; 4. 8-Dameron Taylor; 5. 10-Logan Huggler; 6. 28-Will Edwards

A-Main - (20 Laps) [#]-Starting Position

  1. 26-Clayton Gaines[2]; 2. 8-Dameron Taylor[8]; 3. 9-Chase Jones[6]; 4. 12-Kent Kriegbaum[5]; 5. 84-Ryan Huggler[1]; 6. 10-Logan Huggler[10]; 7. 28-Will Edwards[12]; 8. 60-Trey Osborne[7]; 9. 98-Tommy Kouns[4]; 10. 18-Todd Heuerman[11]; 11. 23-Kyle O'Gara[3]

K&N Filters UMP Modifieds
Heat 1 - (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)

  1. 162-Logan Moody; 2. 22T-Tony Anderson; 3. 71-Will Norris; 4. 5S-Clint Reagle; 5. T5X-Bub Roberts; 6. 55D-Brandon Dailey; 7. 27J-Jason Jones; 8. 4-Jesse Winner; 9. 32-Scott Boyd Jr.

Heat 2 - (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)

  1. 1-Blake Spalding; 2. 3W-Dylan Woodling; 3. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth; 4. 19B-Brandon Ordway; 5. 9C-Troy Cattarene; 6. 53-Hillard Miller; 7. L5-Casey Luedeke; 8. 97A-Reed Hurst

Heat 3 - (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)

  1. 17T-Micheal Tarlton; 2. 95J-Jerry Bowersock; 3. 65-Todd Sherman; 4. 34X-Andy Bibler; 5. 6-Bj Gregory; 6. 20K-Bill Keeler; 7. 72-Todd Gnat; 8. 30-Jon Raney

Heat 4 - (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)

  1. 4L-Mike Learman; 2. 20-Josh Morton; 3. 36-Kelly Bowlby; 4. 4G-Bill Griffith; 5. 11H-Mike Hohlbein; 6. 17N-Dillon Nusbaum; 7. 16-Jeff Koz; 8. 27-Frank Paladino

B-Main #1 - (10 Laps - Top 2 Transfer)

  1. 9C-Troy Cattarene; 2. L5-Casey Luedeke; 3. 53-Hillard Miller; 4. T5X-Bub Roberts; 5. 97A-Reed Hurst; 6. 32-Scott Boyd Jr.; 7. 4-Jesse Winner; 8. 55D-Brandon Dailey; 9. 27J-Jason Jones

B-Main #2 - (8 Laps - Top 2 Transfer)

  1. 11H-Mike Hohlbein; 2. 16-Jeff Koz; 3. 17N-Dillon Nusbaum; 4. 6-Bj Gregory; 5. 20K-Bill Keeler; 6. 72-Todd Gnat; 7. 27-Frank Paladino; 8. 30-Jon Raney

A-Main - (20 Laps) [#]-Starting Position

  1. 4L-Mike Learman[1]; 2. 22T-Tony Anderson[5]; 3. 65-Todd Sherman[11]; 4. 19B-Brandon Ordway[14]; 5. 162-Logan Moody[4]; 6. 17T-Micheal Tarlton[2]; 7. 3W-Dylan Woodling[6]; 8. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth[10]; 9. L5-Casey Luedeke[19]; 10. 36-Kelly Bowlby[12]; 11. 95J-Jerry Bowersock[7]; 12. 20-Josh Morton[8]; 13. 16-Jeff Koz[20]; 14. 34X-Andy Bibler[15]; 15. 71-Will Norris[9]; 16. 11H-Mike Hohlbein[18]; 17. 4G-Bill Griffith[16]; 18. 5S-Clint Reagle[13]; 19. 1-Blake Spalding[3]; 20. 9C-Troy Cattarene[17]
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