Limaland Motorsports Park

Koz, Anderson, and Kemenah pick up invitational fe...
26th Annual Season Championship Night - Presented...
Klay, Nusbaum, and Griffith each pick up their sec...
Koz, Anderson, and Kemenah pick up invitational fe...

Koz, Anderson, and Kemenah pick up invitational fe...

8/4/2023 -
Limaland Motorsports Park swung open the gates for the final time in 2023 on Friday night as K&L Ready Mix presented the 2023 Awards Celebration, feat
26th Annual Season Championship Night - Presented...

26th Annual Season Championship Night - Presented...

7/28/2023 -
LIMA, OH – Todd Sherman (Modifieds) and Tony Anderson (Thunderstocks) nursed slim point leads leading into the 26th Annual Season Championship Night p
Klay, Nusbaum, and Griffith each pick up their sec...

Klay, Nusbaum, and Griffith each pick up their sec...

7/14/2023 -
Limaland Motorsports Park roared back to action after a scheduled week off with Meet The Drivers Night presented by Stolly Insurance Group. A great cr
Hannagan survives to win Run for the Rabbit at Limaland


Limaland Motorsports Park

Hannagan survives to win Run for the Rabbit at Limaland

(7/24/15) – The return of racing to Limaland Motorsports Park for the first time in three weeks was greeted by a large crowd and a moist gripping surface that produced some thrilling action. The evening’s headliner was the annual Run for the Rabbit sprint car feature honoring the memory of the late Travis Miller, a former Limaland competitor who had an enthusiastic and infectious attitude that made him very popular with fans and competitors alike.

The NRA Sprint Invaders field came together for the 25-lap feature with former Rabbit winners Phil Gressman and Randy Hannagan on the starting front row. On the opening lap, veteran Dennis Yoakam rolled his machine on the backside forcing a red flag from the beginning. Ironically, Yoakam’s teammate Randy Hannagan would later experience that exact opposite by eventually winning the race.

Hannagan was in hot pursuit of Gressman following the restart on lap number two. He was able to finally storm past Gressman on the front straight to take the lead on lap number seven. Although Gressman would finish runner-up to Hannagan in the final finish, he didn’t significantly challenge for the lead again.

Hannagan’s biggest threat for race supremacy came from veteran Jared Horstman. The orange colored #17 of Horstman was a rocket ship on the ¼-mile Limaland Motorsports Park oval. Through the mid portion of the feature Hannagan and Horstman gave the fans some classic sprint car action. They swapped the lead with a series of corner slide jobs and aggressive pass attempts on the both the front and back straightaways.

Horstman came through the exchange with the lead and appeared to begin to move away from the field. On lap number 16, he struck the #49 car of defending Rabbit champ Shawn Dancer who had spun up against the wall in turn four. There was enough damage that Horstman had to pit for equipment repair. It cost him contender status and Hannagan took over the lead.

Although Hannagan’s wing was clipped by Horstman as he drove by the collision site, it didn’t affect his car handling. Hannagan survived a couple of restarts and held off Gressman and point’s leader Max Stambaugh to capture his third Run for the Rabbit triumph.

“When those guys got together (17 and 49) I didn’t have anything for the 17 car,” admitted Hannagan. “His misfortune was my gain. I hit Jared’s car coming through and I must have had some Travis Miller luck riding with me. It tore my right rear shock off and I thought I would be in trouble. Maybe shocks are overrated because my car became a rail on the top.”

Tim Allison was driving a number 17A sprint car that looked identical to the last sprint car that Travis Miller had driven. It has become a tradition in recent years for Allison to do so. “This event is a true tribute to Travis,” noted Hannagan, who also won the event in 2011 and 2013. “His family and Tim with the look alike car is tremendous. It’s impressive for Limaland Motorsports Park.”

The 20-lap K & N Modified feature proved to be a return to the winners circle for Andy Bibler. The veteran racer from nearby Continental took full advantage of his outside front row starting position. Bibler chose a high racing groove and nearly checked out on the field on a couple of occasions. Pole starter Tony Anderson was the only threat to Bibler and he got close after a pair of mid-race restarts.

Ultimately Bibler went flag-to-flag in capturing his first win at the track since the Memorial Cup in 2008. “This is a great feeling as it’s been too long since we have been in victory lane,” said a relieved Bibler. “This car was awesome tonight and my guys do a great job getting this thing prepared. My car owner hustled over from Continental for the feature after he heard we were starting on the front row.”

Tony Anderson made the quick switch to his Budweiser Thunderstock car for the 15-lap feature that was next. He produced a flag-to-flag winning performance although Jordon Conover made Anderson work for it. There was a number of times that Conover appeared ready to pass Anderson for the lead, but the point’s leader from Elida was able to slam the door on Conover everytime. The final five laps were thrilling with the two making dramatic contact yet holding their race lines.

“I can’t stand the high side, I’m better on the bottom,” confessed Anderson following his fourth win of the season. “I knew after the Modified feature that it was going to be a high side night so I pulled the belts on a little tighter.” It marked the 36th feature win in the division for Anderson at track.

The visiting HDP Midgets/Mini-sprints 20-lap feature was dominated by Middletown, Ohio’s Rod Henning. He led the 22-car field flag-to-flag for the conquest. Henning has also competed part-time in the Sprint car division at Limaland this season.

Limaland Motorsports Park returns to action on Friday, July 31, with Meet the Drivers Night featuring the K & L Ready Mix NRA Sprint Invaders. The evening will also feature the K & N UMP Modifieds and the Keysor Memorial for the Budweiser Thunderstocks. Gates open at 5:00 p.m. with hot laps at 6:30 p.m. Racing begins promptly at 7:30 p.m.

All the latest news and information about America’s premier quarter-mile dirt track can be found at

Limaland Motorsports Park - 7/24/2015
Menke Brothers Const. Night

McDonalds Dash (Modifieds) (5 Laps)

  1. 1-Andy Galgoci; 2. 71-Joel Ortberg;
  2. 34x-Brandon Vaughn; 4. 24-Zeke McKenzie;

K&L Ready Mix NRA Sprints
Heat 1 - (8 Laps - Top 10 Transfer)

  1. 22H-Randy Hannagon; 2. 83-Kyle Sauder; 3. 17-Jared Horstman;
  2. 6S-Jr Stewart; 5. 22D-Dennis Yoakam; 6. 22R-Kevin Roberts;
  3. 12J-Tyler Moore; 8. 8J-Jess Stiger; 9. 5W-Jeff Williams

Heat 2 - (8 Laps - Top 10 Transfer)

  1. 28H-Phil Gressman; 2. 17H-Hud Horton; 3. 6M-Max Stambaugh
  2. 17A-Tim Allison; 5. 49-Shawn Dancer; 6. 23-Devon Dobie;
  3. 12R-Nick Roberts; 8. 15-Brandon Ferguson; 9. 57-Mike Dunlap;

A-Main - (25 Laps) [#]-Starting Position

  1. 22H-Randy Hannagon[2]; 2. 28H-Phil Gressman[1];
  2. 6M-Max Stambaugh[6]; 4.1 7A-Tim Allison[8]; 5. 6S-Jr Stewart[7];
  3. 57-Mike Dunlap[18]; 7. 15-Brandon Ferguson[16];
  4. 8J-Jess Stiger[15]; 9. 23-Devon Dobie[12]; 10. 17H-Hud Horton[4];
  5. 17-Jared Horstman[5]; 12. 5W-Jeff Williams[17];
  6. 22R-Kevin Roberts[11]; 14. 12J-Tyler Moore[13];
  7. 49-Shawn Dancer[10]; 16. 12R-Nick Roberts[14];
  8. 83-Kyle Sauder[3]; 18. 22D-Dennis Yoakam[9];

HDP Mini Sprints
Heat 1 - (8 Laps - Top 8 Transfer)

  1. 28H-Rod Henning; 2. 66-Chase Dunham; 3. 53-Jim Wood
  2. 17-Darin Collins; 5. 41-Alex Watson; 6. 50-Craig Stower
  3. 23S-Brad Strunk; 8. 22-Gunnar Lucius

Heat 2 - (8 Laps - Top 8 Transfer)

  1. 14G-Nick Daughery; 2. 44-Ron Coleman; 3. 72-Josh Chess
  2. 421-Ty Tilton; 5. 22B-Brad Racer; 6. 76-Allen Poe
  3. 7M-Mike Hessel

Heat 3 - (8 Laps - Top 8 Transfer)

  1. 14-Gary Campbell; 2. 81H-Anthony Haas; 3. 11-Corey Bedwell
  2. 35-Jimmy Wood; 5. 1VO-Andrew Heitkamp; 6. 14S-Jacob Stickle
  3. 26-Michael Prine

A-Main - (15 Laps) [#]-Starting Position

  1. 28H-Rod Henning[2]; 2. 14-Gary Campbell[3]; 3. 421-Ty Tilton[11]
  2. 22B-Brad Racer[14]; 5. 14G-Nick Daughery[1]; 6. 11-Corey Bedwell[9]
  3. 81H-Anthony Haas[6]; 8. 44-Ron Coleman[5]; 9. 53-Jim Wood[7]
  4. 72-Josh Chess[8]; 11. 41-Alex Watson[13]; 12. 17-Darin Collins[10]
  5. 76-Allen Poe[17]; 14. 14S-Jacob Stickle[18]; 15. 35-Jimmy Wood[12]
  6. 66-Chase Dunham[4]; 17. 22-Gunnar Lucius[22];
  7. 1VO-Andrew Heitkamp[15]; 19. 50-Craig Stower[16]
  8. 26-Michael Prine[21]

K & N UMP Modifieds
Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer)

  1. 10L-Nathan Loney; 2. 18L-Randy Lines; 3. 46-Andy Bibler
  2. 65-Todd Sherman; 5.1-Andy Galgoci; 6. 11H-Mike Hohlbein;
  3. 34x-Brandon Vaughan; 8. 22TL-Bill Lewis; 9. 00-Will Norris
  4. 17T-Michael Tarlton

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer)

  1. 9V-Shawn Valenti; 2. 50-Buzz Jacobs; 3. 22T-Tony Anderson
  2. 1x-Todd Sanders; 5. 28-Chad Rosenbeck; 6. 57-Tyler Fitzpatrick;
  3. 18N-Derrick Noffsinger; 8. 30-Jon Raney; 9. 24-Zeke McKenzie;

Heat 3 – (8 laps – Top 5 Transfer)

  1. 71 – Joel Ortberg
  2. L5 – Casey Luedeke
  3. 16 – Jeff Koz
  4. 10 – Scott Bowersock
  5. 4 – Jason Kinney
  6. 20K – Bill Keeler
  7. 12 – Tom Jacobs
  8. 17 – Nick Felkey
  9. 19B – Ryan Ordway

B-Main – (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer)

  1. 34x-Brandon Vaughan; 2. 11H-Mike Hohlbein; 3. 20K-Bill Keeler;
  2. 18N-Derrick Noffsinger; 5. 22TL-Bill Lewis; 6. 30-Jon Raney;
  3. 17-Nick Felkey; 8. 12-Tom Jacobs; 9. 57-Tyler Fitzpatrick;
  4. 00-Will Norris; 11. 24-Zeke McKenzie; 12. 19B-Ryan Ordway
  5. 17T-Michael Tarlton

A-Main – (20 Laps)[#]-Starting Position

  1. 46-Andy Bibler[2]; 2. 22T-Tony Anderson[1]; 3. 71-Joel Ortberg[6];
  2. 10-Scott Bowersock[12]; 5. 16-Jeff Koz[9]; 6. 18L-Randy Lines[5];
  3. 10L-Nathan Loney[8]; 8. 9V-Shawn Valenti[7]; 9. L5-Casey Luedeke[3];
  4. 28-Chad Rosenbeck[14]; 11. 4-Jason Kinney[15]; 12. 50-Buzz Jacobs[4];
  5. 34x-Brandon Vaughan[16]; 14. 18N-Derrick Noffsinger[19];
  6. 1x-Todd Sanders[11]; 16. 11H-Mike Hohlbein[17]; 17. 65-Todd Sherman[10];
  7. 1-Andy Galgoci[13]; 19. 20K-Bill Keeler[18]; 20. 22TL-Bill Lewis[20};

Budweiser Thunderstocks
Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer)

  1. 22T-Tony Anderson; 2. 21H-Jordon Conover; 3. 99-Andy King;
  2. 74D-Craig Dippman; 5. 48-Tim Cole; 6. 00K-John Brooks;
  3. 2-Shayne Meadows; 8. 23-Frank Paladino; 9. 17J-Jarrod Klay

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer)

  1. 82-Chris Douglas; 2. 19-Bill Reimund; 3. 89-Keith Schockency;
  2. 00P-Dean Pitts; 5. 26-Justin Long; 6. 53-Shane Aeschliman;
  3. 00-Caleb Knotts; 8. 32-Scott Boyd Jr.; 9. 1B-Jason Jimison

Heat 3 – (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer)

  1. 7B-Shawn Valenti; 2. 11-Jared Spaulding; 3. 01-Trevor Monk;
  2. 71-Keith Ralston; 5. 52G-Stacey Gazarek; 6. 1J-JJ Butler;
  3. 5T-Dwayne Treon; 8. 00M-Bryan Martin

B-Main – (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer)

  1. 00K-John Brooks; 2. 00-Caleb Knotts; 3. 2-Shayne Meadows;
  2. 23-Frank Paladino; 5. 17J-Jarrod Klay; 6. 53-Shane Aeschliman;
  3. 5T-Dwayne Treon; 8. 1J-JJ Butler; 9. 00M-Bryan Martin;
  4. 32-Scott Boyd Jr.; 11. 1B-Jason Jimison

A-Main – (15 Laps0[#]-Starting Position

  1. 22t-Tony Anderson[2]; 2. 21H-Jordon Conover[4]; 3. 7B-Shawn Valenti[3];
  2. 00P-Dean Pitts[11]; 5. 11-Jared Spaulding[6]; 6. 48-Tim Cole[13];
  3. 82-Chris Douglas[1[; 8. 74D-Craig Dippman[10]; 9. 89-Keith Schockency[8];
  4. 2-Shayne Meadows[18]; 11. 19-Bill Reimund[5]; 12. 23-Frank Paladino[19];
  5. 00K-John Brooks[16]; 14. 01-Trevor Monk[9]; 15. 52G-Stacy Gazarek[15];
  6. 99-Andy King[7]; 17. 00-Caleb Knotts[17]; 18. 17J-Jarrod Klay[20];
  7. 71-Keith Ralston[12]; 20. 26-Justin Long[14];
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